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In 1965, Muzaffer Polat Group of Companies started its business as a personal enterprise in Ermenek; With its growing structure, tourism, packaging and energy investments and mining activities, it is expanding its range and is proud to be a big and strong family of 6 companies.

Fresh Air, Livable Environment, Peaceful World For All Humanity!

The group that specialized in the mining industry for 27 years aim to leave a livable world for future generations with this motto that fresh air, livable environment, peaceful world for all humanity.

We have realized our goals of producing reliable, healthy and organic products in farming with our Freeze Dry Fruits and Vegetables Factory!



Locomotive of Regional Development!

Integrated food production facilities which are designed in accordance with international food safety rules are in Ermenek. Because this is due to the awareness of social responsibility …….

We aim to develop the people of the region who migrate every year due to the distance to the market and unconscious agricultural activities.

Special in Ermenek… Halva of Molasses

Our first factory produces special Halva of Ermenek region. We produce tahini and molasses that the most important raw materials for this special halva in our factory.

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Frozen Dried Fruits are Rare in the World

Our second factory produces frozen dried fruits with Freeze Dry technology. We make a differince in Turkey with this technology that rare in the World.

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Completely Natural

Everything is under control

from field to factory!

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Quality Production

Everything is highest manufactured

according to standards!

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Contract Farming

Our primary goal is contribution

to regional development!

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